An Exclusive Interview with Scarlett Johansson on the Glitz, Glamour and Grit of Tinseltown

Scarlett Johansson, a renowned Hollywood actress, has been hitting a streak of success lately. Despite the challenges that even the most talented actors face while trying to make it in the industry, she seems to have found her footing. Her role in Avengers: Endgame, the highest-grossing movie of all time, and her critically acclaimed performances in Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit have solidified her position as an accomplished actress. However, Johansson remains cautious and acknowledges that her current success is the result of 25 years of hard work. She admits that her career hasn’t always been plain sailing, and there were times when she struggled to nail down substantial or challenging roles. At 35 years old, Johansson is finally reaping the fruits of her labor, yet she remains grateful for the opportunities that have come her way and humble about her accomplishments.

Scarlett Johansson has revealed that becoming a mother to her five-year-old daughter Rose has altered her priorities. While she still maintains her drive for success in her career, her perspective has shifted. Rather than seeking high visibility or exposure, Johansson now chooses projects more selectively. When she first came across the script for Jojo Rabbit, she recognized the unique potential and was confident in director Taika Waititi’s ability to bring it to life. Johansson also had a clear vision of her character, Rosie – a caring and affectionate individual who would leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Scarlett Johansson, known for her role in Marriage Story as one half of a couple’s divorce, had the chance to work with writer-director Noah Baumbach whom she almost collaborated with before. He approached her a few years ago to discuss a story he was writing about divorce which she resonated with as she was going through one at that time. Although Johansson drew from her personal experiences, she also included memories of her parents’ struggles into her performance. She emphasizes that despite the naturalistic portrayal of the disintegrating marriage, every aspect of the film was scripted and not improvised. The detailed depiction of the toxic spiral and harsh attacks between the couple makes Marriage Story an exceptional and impactful film. Furthermore, Johansson’s performance showcases a new type of power and realism that predicts good things for her future career. When asked about her role, Johansson acknowledges that her personal experiences influenced her performance but she tries not to overly emphasize this coincidence.

In her response, she shares that being a mom holds more significance for her compared to the portrayal of divorce in the film. While the movie tackles divorce-related issues, it primarily showcases Noah’s perspective rather than hers. She finds her role as a mother to be a valuable tool in understanding co-parenting. Raising a child with an ex-partner is undeniably challenging, but both parties prioritize their kid and avoid putting themselves in the middle.

During an interview, I asked the celebrity about the common belief that those who have encountered failed marriages tend to either withdraw or become more determined to make their next relationship work. Additionally, I inquired whether she relates herself to any of these categories considering her recent engagement to Colin Jost from Saturday Night Live. While she acknowledged the concept in principle, she believed that it was too simplistic. She shared that she has always aspired to establish a family and maintain it, which was something she also aimed for in her previous marriage. However, she now realizes that her first marriage, which occurred when she was just 23, was a result of idealized views about marriage and a lack of comprehension. Nowadays, she feels better equipped to make intentional choices and remain present in her relationships, which improves her chances of achieving success.

Initially concerned when Scarlett Johansson confided in him about her divorce, Noah Baumbach soon realized that it was an opportunity to make a movie. He greatly admires Johansson’s honesty, presentness, and fearless precision in bringing truth to her scenes. Despite this, her strong determination and trust in following her instincts have occasionally led her into uncomfortable situations, such as her public support for Woody Allen amidst accusations of sexual abuse by his daughter, Dylan Farrow. Johansson stands by her beliefs, stating that she cannot lie about her feelings and does not wish to censor herself. She acknowledges that her integrity may not sit well with everyone, but believes that is just the way it goes. Johansson maintains that she still supports women and evaluates each case on its own merits. She suggests that direct communication with those involved is more productive than making statements to the media. An example of her evolving thought process in response to feedback is her decision to withdraw from the role in Rub Tug amid protests that a transgender actor should have been cast instead.

Scarlett Johansson openly shared her thoughts and aspirations regarding the Black Widow film, stating that she did not want it to be shallow or solely an origin story. She expressed her desire for the movie to delve deeper into themes such as trauma and self-doubt, with the hope of “elevating the genre.” Despite being known as the highest-paid actress in the world, Johansson perceives her success as a privilege that allows her to take time off and not feel obligated to work continuously. Furthermore, she highlights the importance of embracing uncertainty in motherhood. Johansson’s character and acting style are further revealed through three recent movie moments, including her tendency to tie others’ shoes, her positive influence on her young co-star in Jojo Rabbit, and her fascination with emotional complexity over light-heartedness.

During her photo shoot with Tom Munro in New York City, Scarlett Johansson brought her A-game. Allure creatively managed to prevent her from overheating under the bright studio lights by dressing her in lingerie. Take an exclusive look at the stunning photos from the shoot here.

On a recent photo shoot, Paul Cavaco, the creative director at Allure magazine, presented Scarlett Johansson with a stunning Agent Provocateur bustier for the first few shots. In a playful moment, Cavaco reminded the actress of a past shoot where she was almost topless for the November 2006 cover. Johansson responded with a witty quip about always being asked to strip down to her underwear. The accompanying photo captures Johansson posing alongside Cavaco and Garren, the hairstylist.

Johansson confesses that while she always desired to wed and have children, she never had any particular notions about how that journey would unfold. She has recently exchanged vows with actor Ryan Reynolds, but when questioned about their romance, Johansson keeps it under wraps, stating that it’s personal and she’d rather not discuss it publicly.

Garren’s styling transformed Johansson’s look, giving her a charming and feminine appearance similar to Brigitte Bardot. To achieve this, he applied a volumizing spray on her damp hair and used hot rollers to set it after blow-drying. Once the rollers were removed, Garren combed through the curls and teased the strands at the top of her head to create volume. Johansson was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, expressing her disbelief, “I can’t believe this is all my hair!” She thought the look was perfect for any celebratory occasion.

Stephane Marais, a renowned makeup artist, praised Scarlett for her stunning contemporary appearance. To enhance her beauty, he decided to create a modernized version of the classic 1950s look. Using a combination of peachy-pink blush and bronzer, he added a gentle glow to her already milky skin. For one photoshoot, Marais used black liquid liner with glittering bronze eye shadow and for another, he chose dark brown shadow for the crease and taupe for the eyelids. The final touches included black mascara and natural-looking gloss.

This month, you can catch Johansson as the main character in The Spirit, a film adaptation of a unique comic book directed by Frank Miller. Interestingly, Johansson wasn’t originally chosen for any role in the movie. However, Miller was blown away by her charm and intelligence during their lunch meeting. He was so impressed that he wrote a part specifically for her, claiming that anyone who didn’t include her in the cast would be making a big mistake.

Scarlett Johansson has starred in four of Woody Allen’s recent films, but she refutes the claim that she is his muse. The actress feels that her purpose in these movies is to portray the role of a young woman and nothing more. She believes that her performance does not serve as an inspiration for Allen’s creations and admits that another actress could have easily taken her place. Johansson has ventured into new territories, taking up the roles of a singer and a director. Her album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, features covers of Tom Waits’ songs, while her upcoming directorial debut is a vignette in the New York, I Love You anthology, set to be released in February.

Johansson’s remarkable talent in conveying intricate emotions in her roles has garnered commendations from critics ever since she was a child. She is highly devoted to her craft and maintains a professional demeanor on set, never resorting to tantrums or unbecoming conduct.

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