Angelina Jolie Shines in Latest Vanity Fair Shoot while Discussing Her Divorce from Brad Pitt

The lovely actress Angelina Jolie is featured on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, captured by the talented photographer Mert Marcus. She looks stunning in a sculptural top that highlights her cleavage, while stylist Jessica Diehl amps up the glamour in the accompanying photo shoot. Angelina poses in a variety of elegant outfits, including chic gowns and mesh veils.

During an interview, Angelina Jolie discusses her well-publicized divorce from Brad Pitt. She admits that it has been a challenging time and the family is slowly recovering. The new house they have moved into presents an opportunity for them to heal together. Though she alludes to things becoming “difficult,” she refrains from using harsh language.

Angelina Jolie is seen in a black and white photograph donning a mesh veil.

Angelina Jolie sports a stunning embroidered gown while donning curlers in her hair.

Assuming the position of the director, Angelina Jolie appears stylish in her suspenders and shirt.

Angelina Jolie adds a touch of glamour to her look by donning a stunning strapless gown.

Angelina Jolie was recently photographed donning a mesh veil for a closeup shot.

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