Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Surprise Fans at Daughter Violet’s Graduation Party in LA, Sparking Speculation in the Midst of Divorce Rumors

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez made a surprise appearance together at a family gathering, putting to rest rumors about their potential breakup. The couple, who had been flying under the radar for a while, were spotted heading to celebrate Affleck’s daughter Violet’s graduation. Despite being seen together, both Affleck and Lopez seemed to be in a serious mood and did not display any signs of joy. They left the event together in Affleck’s fancy BMW, but later, Lopez was spotted leaving the rental property where Affleck has been residing on her own. This reunion took place approximately two weeks after their last joint public outing at a movie event alongside Affleck’s former spouse, Jennifer Garner, on May 19th.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez reunited for the first time in two weeks for a family gathering on Thursday amid ongoing divorce rumors

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez reunited after a short break to attend a family gathering on Thursday, despite ongoing rumors about their marriage troubles.

The embattled couple, who have not been pictured together in two weeks, were on their way to attend another celebration for Affleck's daughter Violet's graduation

The couple, who have been absent from the public eye for two weeks, were on their way to celebrate Affleck’s daughter Violet’s graduation. They arrived at the party with Affleck’s mother, Christopher Anne ‘Chris’ Boldt, appearing distant and subdued amid speculation about their marriage. Lopez, sporting oversized sunglasses, walked silently next to Affleck, carrying a gift basket filled with pink tissue paper for Violet. Both made sure to hide their left hands, particularly after Affleck was spotted without his wedding ring. However, over the weekend, Affleck was seen wearing his wedding ring during a solo outing. Lopez, in a floral tea dress and clear nylon heels, kept her hands in her pockets as they made their way to the party. Affleck looked sharp in a dark gray blazer and matching trousers, complementing his wife’s stylish ensemble.

Neither Affleck nor Lopez appeared to be smiling as they were seen out, as the stony-faced couple made their way from their car to a Los Angeles residence

Affleck and Lopez appeared focused as they were seen together, strolling from their car to a residence in Los Angeles. The couple’s faces were inscrutable as they entered the building.

As they made their arrival at the party with the Batman actor's mother Christopher Anne 'Chris' Boldt, the pair projected the opposite image of marital bliss as they both appeared melancholy amid mounting reports that their marriage is on the rocks

The Let's Get Loud hitmaker sported a pair of oversize sunglasses and kept her head down as she walked beside Affleck

As they arrived at the event with Ben Affleck’s mother, Christopher Anne ‘Chris’ Boldt, Jennifer Lopez and Affleck seemed more somber than joyful, sparking speculation about the state of their marriage. Lopez, the singer behind hits like Let’s Get Loud, tried to shield her eyes behind oversized sunglasses and appeared to avoid making eye contact while walking alongside Affleck. The couple, who are reportedly facing challenges, were joined by Affleck’s mother, who was dressed in a stylish animal print blazer paired with all black attire. Later, they were seen leaving their daughter Violet’s graduation party with Affleck’s mother in tow. During their departure, Affleck gallantly opened the car door for his mother, while Lopez patiently waited for him to unlock her door amidst the busy traffic. The trio then drove off in Affleck’s BMW to their temporary rental in Brentwood. Shortly after, Lopez left the residence alone in her Escalade, indicating that she had other commitments and chose not to spend more time with Affleck and his mother. Their reunion on Thursday marked their first meeting in almost two weeks, following a joint movie event with Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, and their children a couple of weeks earlier. The couple had been distant during the recent recital of his child Fin at school. This latest sighting comes after a seven-week gap, as they had not been seen together since late March in New York City.

The Daredevil star carried a large wicker basket, presumably with gifts for Violet as it was overflowing with pink tissue paper. Both of them kept their left hands and ring fingers covered up after Affleck was spotted without his wedding band at various points throughout the past month

The Daredevil star was spotted carrying a large wicker basket filled with gifts for Violet, wrapped in pink tissue paper. They made a point to hide their left hand and ring finger, especially since Affleck was recently seen without his wedding band several times in the past month.

As they crossed the street and walked up the sidewalk for the party together on Thursday, Lopez kept her hands in the pockets of her low-cut, floral tea dress

As they headed to the Thursday night festivities, Lopez casually walked alongside her friend, sporting a chic floral tea dress with her hands comfortably nested in the pockets.

She looked stunning strutting in a pair of clear nylon heels, wearing a gold heart pendant necklace and carrying a structured crossbody bag

She looked stunning as she confidently strolled in transparent heels, wearing a lovely gold heart pendant necklace and carrying a stylish structured crossbody purse.

Complementing his wife, who was dressed to the nines, Affleck looked handsome in a dark gray blazer with matching trousers and a white button-down

Affleck appeared stylish in his charcoal gray suit that perfectly coordinated with his wife’s chic outfit. He completed the look with a white button-up shirt for a polished and sophisticated finish.

The embattled couple were joined by his mother, who wore a animal print blazer over an all-black ensemble

The pair who have been experiencing difficulties in their relationship were accompanied by his mother, who sported an animal print blazer over an all-black ensemble. Lately, they have not been seen together or seen in public much, leading to rumors of a potential breakup. At the Met Gala in New York, Lopez attended solo, surprising fans with Affleck’s absence. Speculation has emerged that the couple’s relationship was not working out, possibly leading to a split after less than two years of marriage. Gossip has also circulated that the couple has been living apart for some time. Despite buying a $60.85 million mansion together just a year ago, Affleck has moved out, while Lopez was seen house hunting alone in Beverly Hills recently.

Afterwards, the couple were also seen leaving Violet's graduation party together alongside Affleck's mother

Afterwards, they were seen leaving Violet’s graduation party together, with Affleck’s mother by their side.

He appeared to be opening the car door for his mom while his wife stood on the other side

He appeared to be assisting his mother with the car door, as his wife patiently stood on the other side.

She seemed to be waiting for him to unlock her door as other vehicles were driving by

She stood by the car, looking expectantly at him, as he made his way over to open the door for her, all while other vehicles zoomed past.

The trio left the party together in Affleck's BMW

Following the occasion, Affleck, accompanied by two others, drove away in his BMW.

Affleck drove to the Brentwood rental he has been staying in

He brought along his mother and JLo with him

Affleck made his way to the Brentwood getaway where he has been residing, accompanied by his mother and wife.

However, shortly afterwards, Lopez was seen leaving the house alone

Shortly thereafter, Lopez was seen leaving the house by themselves.

Her assistant was driving her Escalade

Her assistant was driving her in a luxurious Escalade.

Lopez appeared to have opted out of spending any more time with Affleck and his mother as she headed out to continue with her busy schedule

Lopez appeared to have made the decision to not spend more time with Affleck and his mother as she continued with her busy schedule. Affleck recently moved out of their home and into a luxurious property in Los Angeles. He was noticeably absent during Lopez’s press tour for her new Netflix film Atlas and also missed accompanying her to the movie premiere in Mexico City. They also did not spend Memorial Day together, with Lopez spending the holiday alone. Affleck was seen attending their daughter Violet’s graduation celebration by himself, looking somber as he arrived at the party.

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