Dua Lipa impresses with her new photos modeling her perfect figure this summer

Since New Rules, Dua Lipa became one of the most loved music promises, not only for her charming personality, but also for her great talent andaove all, stunning beauty. Dua Lipa impresses everyone with her new photos modeling her perfect figure this summer.

It doesn’t surprise anyone that Dua Lipa has been chosen to portray a Barbie in the new movie, as she has always been known to be a very beautiful and talented woman, proving it once again in some photos where she models this summer.

Recently, the singer impressed all her followers with the new photos shared in an Instagram reel where she modeled her perfect figure. Dua Lipa looking a little more relaxed and ready to receive this vacation season, wore a short jacket with a long brown skirt, accompanied by a small white top that left her strong and toned abdomen exposed.

Many of her followers are present every time Dua Lipa shares any kind of picture, since everyone ends up praising her for her beauty and figure that has no comparison, some media point out that she is the perfect artist to represent the summer season, as it is where she is most present modeling her bikinis, as she recently did for a magazine.


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