Dua Lipa in a modest dress? When the lights came on, it turned out that everything was visible

Dua Lipa appeared at the Versace fashion show. She put on a black dress, which was modest only on the surface. The star attracted attention.

Dua Lipa traveled to Italy, specifically Milan , to attend the Versace fashion show . The famous brand presented a collection of clothes for spring and summer 2022. Sounds like an opportunity to dress up? Indeed it was. The British singer opted for a black creation reaching to the middle of the calf.

The dress was slightly shiny, and it had a large neckline – but not so big as to be sensational. She accessorized the outfit with high heels and had her hair styled in elegant waves. She looked very sensual.

But when the lights flashed, something else came to light – the singer’s dress showed through, showing black, skimpy underwear. Dua Lipa wore a black bra under the dress, which slightly “softened” the neckline and minimal thongs. When the artist turned her back, it was impossible to take your eyes off her. It was hidden, but it was still visible.

After the event, the singer boasted pH๏tos from the event on her Instagram profile. You can see that she felt great in a translucent evening styling.

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