“Embracing my Inked Canvas: Standing Strong Against Online Critics”

Rachel, a tattooed woman from Huntington Beach, California, clapped back at her critics in a TikTok video. As a permanent makeup artist and educator, she confidently showed off her colorful body art that stretches from her neck to her legs. Sporting a bright pink triangle bikini with transparent straps, Rachel exuded boldness and self-assurance. Her blonde hair was styled in two trendy space buns, with a few loose strands framing her face elegantly.

Rachel, who works as a permanent makeup artist and trainer in Huntington Beach, California , took to TikTok to express how she felt

Rachel, a permanent makeup artist and educator from sunny Huntington Beach, California, recently shared her thoughts on TikTok. With a natural makeup look and simple silver stud in her cheek piercings, she addressed the criticism she often faces about her tattoos. Playfully mimicking the words of her critics, she mouthed “I don’t like heavily tattooed girls” followed by a cheeky “Okay…bye” with a wink and a wave. Revealing her various body art, including a colorful snakeheaded woman tattoo inspired by Medusa on her lower stomach, Rachel turned around to show tattoos on her back, thighs, and both arms. Captioning the video with a casual “Okay, bye” and a waving emoji, Rachel’s followers showered her with admiration for her one-of-a-kind body art.

In the video clip, Rachel turned around to show off the body art she has on her back and thighs, including an owl

In the video, Rachel confidently showed off the beautiful owl design tattooed on her back and thighs. With a social media following of 40,000, Rachel’s video received almost 10,000 likes. One viewer wrote, “Whoa! That’s so cool,” complimenting Rachel’s ink. Another fan was amazed by the unique medusa tattoo, exclaiming, “I’ve never seen anything like it before! Amazing!” Another follower admired Rachel’s back tattoo, commenting, “I really love that back tat.” A fourth fan simply wrote, “Wow, just wow,” along with a starry-eyed emoji.

Users took to the comments to discuss the video, with people saying how much they love her body art

People in the online community were buzzing with praise for the stunning body art shown in the video. In a separate video, Rachel took the time to respond to viewers’ questions about her tattoos. She mentioned that she has no regrets about any of her tattoos, but admitted to feeling a tad restless while getting the thigh tattoos. Rachel shared that she should have been more patient and waited for her talented tattoo artist, Mark, who has worked his magic on her other tattoos.

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