“Exciting News: American Idol to Feature Special Guest Judge During Katy Perry’s Absence!”

Luke Bryan has revealed that American Idol will have temporary guest judges replacing Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. During the Stagecoach Festival on Saturday, the country singer and judge of the show spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the upcoming appearance of the guest performers. Perry, who recently received backlash for ‘mom-shaming’ a contestant, and Richie are set to perform at The Coronation Concert of King Charles III. When asked about the identity of the guest judges, Bryan refused to disclose any details but teased that they will be ‘big time.’

Stepping away: Katy Perry and Lionel Richie will be temporarily replaced by 'big time' guest judges on American Idol, according to Luke Bryan; she is seen in April

Although the TV personality didn’t mention their own experience, they did mention how the guest judges have impacted the show’s contestants. According to them, the contestants have used the songs of the guest judges multiple times, even more than their own songs.

American Idol' fans divided over Katy Perry taking break

When Bryan was asked to share more details, he responded with a witty comment, saying that he was grateful to still be a part of the show and didn’t want to risk being kicked off. Recently, it was announced that Perry and Richie would also be joining the lineup for The Coronation Concert. Other popular artists, including Andrea Bocelli and Take That, are also set to perform at the event.

Featured guests: The California Gurls singer and Richie are set to perform at The Coronation Concert of King Charles III; Richie is seen earlier this month

King Charles’ coronation is set to be a grand event with numerous guests expected to attend. Among them is First Lady Jill Biden, who has been chosen to represent the United States. Even the famous Dark Horse singer, who is 38 years of age, is excited about her appearance at The Coronation Concert. During a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, she joked about a ‘hologram’ that could potentially replace her on American Idol. Moreover, the singer emphasized her association with King Charles and their joint efforts in various charitable projects.

Staying quiet: When Bryan was asked to give fans a bit of information about the guest judges, the singer remained tight-lipped; he is seen with Perry, Richie and Ryan Seacrest earlier this month

I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to attend the event. A couple of years back, I had the pleasure of meeting His Majesty and he appointed me as one of the ambassadors of his foundation, The British Asian Trust. Additionally, I am also an ambassador for UNICEF, which perfectly complements my beliefs.

Opening up: The hitmaker went on to speak about her connection to King Charles, with whom she has worked on various charitable efforts; they are seen in 2020

Perry expressed her excitement about the upcoming concert where she will be performing, describing it as an incredibly exciting opportunity.

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