“Glamorous Red Carpet Moments: Scarlett Johansson’s White Ruched Gown and Margot Robbie’s Pleated Mini Skirt Steal the Show in NYC Premiere”

Scarlett Johansson and Margot Robbie wowed the crowd at the Asteroid City premiere in New York City with their fabulous fashion choices. Scarlett, recognized for her part in Iron Man, looked elegant and classic in a white halter gown with ruching that gave off a vintage Hollywood vibe. Meanwhile, Margot, best known for her portrayal of Barbie, showed off her stylish Schiaparelli SS23 couture ensemble that accentuated her legs. These two talented actresses, both in their thirties, are set to appear together in an upcoming Wes Anderson film scheduled for release on June 23.

Wow! Scarlett Johansson and Margot Robbie commanded attention in their showstopping looks at the Asteroid City premiere in New York City on Tuesday

The 38-year-old Iron Man star and 32-year-old Barbie actress showed off their individual sense of style on the red carpet

Scarlett Johansson and Margot Robbie caused a stir with their gorgeous ensembles as they graced the red carpet at the premiere of Asteroid City in the bustling city of New York.

Blonde beauties: The duo complemented each other in their white looks

Two stunning blondes: The duo complemented each other flawlessly with their chic white attire.

Classic: Scarlett called back to old Hollywood glamour for inspiration as she opted a white ruched dress by Carolina Herrera

Contemporary Update: Scarlett embraced the classic glamour of vintage Hollywood with her outfit, opting for a breathtaking white ruched gown created by fashion designer Carolina Herrera.

Jewelry: Johansson, who plays the character Midge Campbell in the movie, wore dangling diamond and pearl earrings to the star-studded event

During the glamorous event, Johansson, best known for portraying Midge Campbell in the film, added a touch of elegance with exquisite diamond and pearl earrings that gracefully dangled. Her nails were adorned with a vibrant, glossy red polish that perfectly matched the numerous rings on her fingers. In a decision that exuded sophistication and style, she skipped a necklace and instead opted for a subtle, radiant makeup look with soft, cool-toned pink shades. Her impeccably groomed light brown eyebrows framed her eyes, which were enhanced with a delicate, shimmery eyeshadow. Her outfit consisted of a thin-strap top with a stunning oversized flower embellishment at the center of the bodice. The top flowed into a long skirt with gentle pleats, ending mid-thigh. Scarlett styled her golden locks in an elegant side-swept manner and completed the look with perspex heels adorned with glittering silver accents, achieving a timeless and glamorous appearance. Married to actor and comedian Colin Jost, Scarlett Johansson’s presence on the red carpet was truly captivating.

Hair factor: Scarlett, who is married to fellow actor and comedian Colin Jost, arranged her blonde hair in a sideswept style

Hair update: Scarlett, the wife of actor and comedian Colin Jost, donned a stylish side-swept hairstyle with her blonde locks.

Team: Scarlett took a moment to pose with costar Jason Schwartzman

Collaboration: Scarlett took a moment to snap a picture with her co-star, Jason Schwartzman, showcasing their camaraderie on set.

One-on-one: The two shared a moment as they got together for a photo

Just the pair of them: They seized a peaceful moment to take a photo together.

Photo-op: The colleagues stood in front of a promotional poster for their new movie

They took a photo in front of a promotional banner for their upcoming movie.

Man of the hour: Asteroid City director Wes Anderson had a chat with his stars

A lively chat with the mastermind behind Asteroid City, filmmaker Wes Anderson, and his talented cast.

Excited: Maya Hawke and Scarlett looked overjoyed when they saw each other on the carpet

The rising actress donned a sequin-covered black dress

Excited: Maya Hawke and Scarlett couldn’t contain their joy as they spotted each other on the glitzy red carpet, both flashing bright smiles.

Statement piece: Maya, who is the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, wore a matching headpiece with her dress

Maya, the daughter of famous couple Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, turned heads with a one-of-a-kind headpiece that beautifully enhanced her dress. Margot glowed in a dazzling strapless black ensemble designed by a well-known fashion brand, featuring a sleek black velvet corset top inspired by Schiaparelli’s perfume bottle. The corset boasted intricate details like a small gold keyhole on the lapel and lacing at the back, paired flawlessly with a white pleated mini-skirt made from luxurious ecru silk duchess material. Her sun-kissed and toned legs exuded confidence in the outfit, complemented by classic black pointed-toe heels. Her glossy blonde hair was styled in a trendy center part with soft curls at the tips, giving her a youthful and fresh look as the golden strands cascaded down her back, framing her face beautifully.

Designer threads: Margot looked gorgeous as she bared her legs in a fun and modern Schiaparelli SS23 couture look

Stylish outfit: Margot looked gorgeous showing off her legs in a fun and modern Schiaparelli SS23 couture outfit.

Striking: Margot dazzled in her strapless black ensemble from the iconic fashion house

Her legs looked tanned and toned in the number, which she wore with unflinching confidence

Amazing: Margot looked fabulous in her chic black ensemble from the renowned fashion house.

Details: The piece boasted a black fluid stretch velvet corset top made to mimic the shape of the Schiaparelli's signature fragrance bottle

The piece emphasized a chic black corset top made from stretch velvet, inspired by the shape of Schiaparelli’s famous perfume bottle.

Gorgeous: The Australian-born entertainer looked youthful and girlish with her glossy blonde locks styled in a center part and slightly curled ends

Breathtaking: The performer, hailing from Down Under, exuded a vibrant and youthful aura with her sleek, center-parted blonde locks delicately styled with soft curls at the tips.

Beautiful: She let the golden tresses flow down her back as the front pieces softly fell around her visage

Her golden hair flowed down her back gracefully, framing her face with delicate strands. Tom and Rita looked stylish on their evening out, transforming it into a glamorous date night. The actor, known for his role in Forrest Gump, appeared sharp with his neatly groomed brown hair and sophisticated attire—a classic suit paired with a black button-up shirt and matching dress shoes. His wife of 35 years complemented him perfectly in a satin outfit with flowing trousers, creating a striking pair. Rita, a talented singer and actress, added a touch of allure to her look by combining a lace-trimmed black camisole with a buttoned blazer and a long lariat necklace. Her spiral curls fell elegantly over her chest, styled with a middle parting. With open-toe black heels showcasing her flawless cranberry manicure, Rita effortlessly exuded elegance throughout the evening.

Night out: Tom and Rita made a stylish appearance as they made a date night out of the glamorous outing

Tom and Rita were absolutely stunning as they embarked on a romantic and elegant evening out in the city.

Lovebirds: He kept close to his wife of 35 years, who looked stellar in a satin co-ord that including flowy trousers

Lovebirds: After 35 years of marriage, he never left her side, marveling at how stunning she looked in a coordinated satin ensemble complete with flowing pants.

Longtime love: The couple has been married since April 1988

For many years, they have been happily married, commemorating the start of their union back in April of 1988.

Neat: The 66-year-old Forrest Gump sensation looked handsome with his brown hair cut very low

He was dressed in a classic suit, teaming it with a button-up black shirt underneath his jacket, which he buttoned

Neat and trim: The 66-year-old actor known for his role in Forrest Gump looked quite handsome with his well-groomed short brown hair.

Looking good: The singer and actress, 66, teased a lacy black camisole underneath her buttoned blazer and wore a long lariat necklace

Rocking their stylish ensembles: A well-known singer and actress, aged 66, confidently showed off a peek of a black lace camisole under her trendy blazer, accessorized with a stunning long lariat necklace. Bryan Cranston, famous for his role in Breaking Bad, was also present at the event in New York City that evening. The 67-year-old actor looked suave in a brown suit paired with a light-colored sweater underneath, coordinated perfectly with his glossy brown lace-up formal shoes. Sporting slightly gray, tousled hair slicked back and a thick mustache with upward-curled ends, the charming Los Angeles native captivated everyone’s attention. Influencer Tefi Pessoa chose a sleeveless white dress that highlighted her detailed tattoos on her arms. Her attire boasted lace-up accents and bold cutouts around the midriff, matched with her long, dark hair styled in a voluminous blowout with a side part.

Star-studded cast: Bryan Cranston is also part of the highly-anticipated movie

An impressive cast featuring the skilled Bryan Cranston is causing a stir for the highly anticipated movie.

The Breaking Bad actor wore a brown suit with a lighter color sweater underneath

The Breaking Bad actor rocked a chic brown suit with a light-hued sweater underneath.

Studly: The longtime actor looked great with his tousled hair lightly slicked back

Studly: The experienced actor looked fantastic with his tousled hair effortlessly pulled back.

Cute: Influencer Tefi Pessoa wore a sleeveless white dress to the affair

The popular social media influencer, Tefi Pessoa, was simply delightful in a chic sleeveless white dress during the gathering.

Inked: The social media personality showed off her many elaborate arm tattoos

Showing off her array of complex and detailed designs on her arms, the influencer proudly displayed her extensive tattoo collection on her social media platforms.

Hot! Dianna Agron looked outstanding as she brought her chic style to the premiere

Dianna Agron truly shined at the premiere, exuding elegance in her fashionable outfit.

Timeless combination: The Glee alum opted for a double-breasted black pantsuit and a swipe of red lipstick

Traditional option: The ex-Glee actress opted for a stylish black pantsuit with double-breasted detailing, complemented by a striking touch of red lipstick.

Eye-popping: Actress Hope Davis wore a fun look that included a white pantsuit and bright red, textured heels

Stunning: Hope Davis, the actress, looked absolutely fabulous in a fashionable white pantsuit that she paired with striking red heels featuring a unique texture.

Stylish: Dylan Mulvany looked chic in a boxy, oversized blazer and knee-high black leather cowboy boots

Stylish: Dylan Mulvany pulled off a cool outfit featuring a large blazer and sleek knee-high black leather cowboy boots.

Simple: Actor Jake Ryan, who is also in the film, wore an all black outfit to the event

Simple: At the occasion, Jake Ryan was seen rocking a trendy all-black outfit, which further enhanced his fashionable look in the film.

Gorgeous: Scarlett wore a polka dot and yellow floral mini dress for the after party; seen with Maya Hawke

Gorgeous: Scarlett was absolutely radiant in a chic mini dress adorned with polka dots and bright yellow flowers at the after-party. She was seen engaging in conversation with Maya Hawke.

Closer look: The frock featured a large yellow rose in the center of the gown

After taking a closer look, it was clear that the dress was embellished with a striking yellow rose right in the center.

Looking amazing! Scarlett seen with husband Colin Jost arriving to the after party

Scarlett made quite an entrance at the after party, radiating elegance alongside her husband, Colin Jost.

Strike a pose: Ethan Hawkeand Bob Balaban at the after party

Ethan Hawke and Bob Balaban were seen striking poses at the after-party following the screening of the unique film, Asteroid City. This intriguing movie is set in a mysterious American desert town in the 1950s. The story follows a Junior Stargazer/Space Cadet convention which descends into chaos when a major world event occurs. Jason Schwartzman plays a widowed father who takes his four children to visit their grandfather, portrayed by the legendary Tom Hanks. The star-studded ensemble cast includes Tom’s on-screen wife, Rita (played by Tilda Swinton), along with Matt Dillon, Ed Norton, Adrien Brody, and Liev Schreiber. Maya Hawke, daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, also has a role in this unconventional film. Asteroid City made its debut at the 76th Cannes Film Festival last month and received rave reviews from critics.

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