“Katy Perry Shines Bright in LED-Lighted White Dress on The Voice of Germany”

Lighting up the stage! Katy Perry performs during the semi finals of The Voice Of Germany on Friday

Shining on stage! Katy Perry wows the audience with her performance at the semi finals of The Voice Of Germany on Friday night.

Their behind you! The Wide Awake singer had a white theme for her performance, which was filmed in Berlin

They’re right behind you! The singer from Wide Awake went for a white-themed performance that was recorded in Berlin.

Bridal-inspired: The 29-year-old made sure she stood out in a light-up dress

Eye-catching: The star's out resembled a wedding dress, despite the dipped-hem design

Inspired by bridal fashion, the 29-year-old ensured she caught everyone’s attention in a dazzling light-up gown.

Atmospheric: The star's dress featured frills around the top and hemline

The star’s outfit had frills on both the top and bottom edges, adding a whimsical touch to her look.

Show-stopping: Katy's outfit featured pink and purple LED lights

Absolutely stunning: Katy’s attire was adorned with vibrant pink and purple LED lights that truly stole the show.

Ray of light: The Prism star finished off her costume with silver sparkly heels and a flower garland in her hair

The Prism star added the final touches to her outfit with shiny silver heels and a floral headpiece in her hair, shining like a beam of light.

Spooky: The singer's backing dancers cut ghostly figures as she belted out hit, Unconditionally

Creepy: The artist’s backup dancers took on an eerie appearance as she passionately sang her popular song, Unconditionally.

Rock chick: Katy later changed into a fishnet top and tartan skirt

Racy: The short number was a little more revealing than her previous outfit

The rebellious rocker, Katy, swapped her outfit for a revealing top and plaid skirt for her next performance during the evening.

Raunchy: The singer showed off her ample cleavage as she danced raunchily with her fishnet-clad dancers

Suggestive: The vocalist flaunted her generous d├ęcolletage while dancing provocatively alongside her fishnet-wearing dancers.

Bizarre: The singer's pins are on display in the short skirt, which was worn with a red purse over the top

Quirky: The musician flaunted their legs in a fun short skirt paired with a bold red purse.

Smoking: The curvy star posed alongside a cube at the start of the set

Smoking: The glamorous actress struck a pose next to a cube as the photo shoot began.

Where are the frills? The US star was wearing something a little more practical on Wednesday, when she left the ITV studios

Where did all the fancy embellishments go? The American celebrity opted for a more sensible outfit on Wednesday as she departed from the ITV studios.

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