Katy Perry spills the beans on her boob job

Katy Perry was trying to boost her confidence in a revealing bare-shoulder dress by using tissue paper to enhance her bust. However, her carelessness caused quite a stir when the strap of her dress fell off, almost exposing her chest. Despite this fashion faux pas, Katy Perry continued to party and celebrate after the successful premiere of her movie “Katy Perry: Part of Me” with fellow celebrities including Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Robert Pattinson. Unfortunately, her attempt to enhance her appearance was quite obvious as she revealed the crumpled tissue paper stuffed into her bra, indicating that she may have been a bit too “close-minded” in her fashion choices.

Katy nonchalantly showed off a tissue peeking out from under her dress. It was a minor mishap that marred an otherwise perfect outfit. Prior to this, she had donned a strikingly bold red ensemble from Dolce Gabbana, perfectly complementing her like a radiant rose amidst the throngs of people at the press conference. Her Grandmother, Mary Perry Hudson, joined her for the event, adding to the familial cheer. Katy caused quite a stir at the movie premiere when she emerged dramatically from a bag of popcorn.

Katy made a stunning entrance wearing a dress that resembled popcorn.

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