“Katy Perry Steals the Show with her Head-Turning Look at the Grammys: A Plunge to Remember!”

Despite failing to win a Grammy, Katy Perry still managed to make a huge impact at the event. Her stunning mint green Gucci dress showcased her incredible curves with a keyhole cut-out that left fans in awe. Social media platforms like Twitter were abuzz with excitement as her fans expressed their love for the singer’s fashion sense. Check out the video and list of winners below.

Flaunting her assets: Katy Perry covers up her arms and legs on the Grammys red carpet but shows off her breasts in a cut out dress

Katy Perry made a statement at the Grammys red carpet by covering her arms and legs, but exposing her breasts in a revealing cut-out dress. She confidently flaunted her assets and turned heads with her bold fashion choice.

Now that's impressive! Elton John appears to admire Katy's breasts

Wow, that’s quite a compliment! It seems like Elton John is a fan of Katy’s chest.

Taking a twirl: The daring dress looked great on Katy from every angle as she heated up the red carpet

Taking a twirl: The daring dress looked great on Katy from every angle as she heated up the red carpet

Taking a twirl: The daring dress looked great on Katy from every angle as she heated up the red carpet

Katy turned heads on the red carpet with her stunning dress that accentuated her curves. The attention-grabbing outfit caught the attention of not only those watching from home but also her fellow celebrities at the event. Funny pictures captured the other stars trying their best to avoid staring at her ample bosom, including Elton John who couldn’t resist a cheeky glance. Even TV host Ellen Degeneres made light of the noticeable feature in a humorous way.

Cheeky grin: Elton had a bug smile as he went in for a hug off the singer

Elton approached the singer with a cheeky grin on his face, and as he got closer, his smile grew even bigger. He then went in for a warm embrace, clearly happy to be in the company of the talented artist.

Wowser! Portia de Rossi and actress Ellen DeGeneres react with shock to Katy's plunging dress

Oh my goodness! Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres were absolutely stunned by Katy’s low-cut dress.

Say cheese: Portia was ready for her photograph, but Ellen was far too distracted

Portia was all set to pose for a photo, but Ellen seemed preoccupied. According to Ellen, her inspiration for the Seventies-style look was Priscilla Presley, who was famously married to Elvis Presley. Ryan Seacrest brought up the challenge of staying focused when at eye level, to which Ellen and he shared a laugh. Meanwhile, John Mayer, who was present with his girlfriend Katy Perry, showed his support by avoiding stares and instead gazing straight into Katy’s eyes as they cuddled.

Don't look down! Proud boyfriend John Mayer makes every effort not to eye up his girlfriend's breasts

Keep your eyes up! John Mayer, a loving boyfriend, tries his best not to stare at his girlfriend’s chest.

She's my girl: The pair held hands and kept close to one another

This lovely couple demonstrated their affection by intimately holding hands and staying close to each other. She was undeniably his girl.

Practiced posers: The on/off again couple seem to be firmly together

Experienced pretenders: It appears that the couple who have a history of breaking up and getting back together are currently in a stable relationship.

Lifting the lid: Mayer said at the ceremony that his relationship with Katy felt 'very human'

During a recent ceremony, Mayer revealed that his connection with Katy was relatable and down-to-earth. The two were seen sitting closely together, holding hands and seemingly in love. Unlike his past relationships, Mayer claims that his time with the Firework singer feels natural and not like part of a Hollywood spectacle. He explained in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning that he doesn’t feel like he’s in a celebrity relationship for the first time in his life, even though it is a high-profile one. Mayer described their bond as “something that’s very human,” which is hard for him to put into words.

Katy Perry speaks onstage at the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, California

Katy Perry

Katy looks stunning as she confidently strides down the red carpet to present the award.

Confident display: Katy stands with hands on hips as she faces the cameras

Katy confidently posed with her hands on her hips for the cameras while her 35-year-old guitarist partner admitted to considering marriage with the 28-year-old singer in the future. When questioned about their potential nuptials, John responded with a confident “of course” as he hails from Connecticut where marriage is seen as a natural progression. Katy’s daring dress was still within the guidelines set by CBS, who screened the awards show. The network had sent a warning to participants to avoid any clothing that would expose body parts, especially female breast nipples. Don’t forget to catch the 55th Annual Grammys on 4Music at 10 pm on Monday.

Behind the scene: Katy seen in another picture, here backstage at the ceremony

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the ceremony, Katy was spotted in a behind-the-scenes photo. The picture captures her backstage, possibly preparing for her performance or attending to other responsibilities. It provides a glimpse into the world behind the main event, where many artists and crew members work tirelessly to ensure the success of the show.

Be my date: Katy posing with Girls actress Allison Williams inside the ceremony

Katy was seen at the ceremony posing with Allison Williams, an actress from the popular TV series Girls. She looked like she was having a good time and was possibly there as someone’s date.

Ready for her close-up: Katy stands on the red carpet in front of the army of photographers

Katy is all set to be in the spotlight as she confidently walks on the red carpet, facing a swarm of camera-wielding photographers.

Outfit change: After drawing attention to her chest Katy then changed to attend an afterparty

Attire Alteration: Following the buzz around her bosom, Katy switched her outfit for the after-party.

Fun night: Singer Miguel joined Katy and John to party hard after the ceremony

It was a night to remember as popular musician Miguel joined in the fun with Katy and John after the event to party all night long.

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