Kim Kardashian Shows off Her Deep-Cut Bra and Reveals Cleavage Post Intense Outdoor Exercise Session

The 36-year-old celebrity broke a sweat while wearing a black sports bra that showed off her cleavage and tight leggings that accentuated her well-known backside.

 Kim Kardashian showed off her sizeable cleavage during a gruelling outdoor workout in Los Angeles yesterday

While working out, she had her personal trainer supervising her, motivating her to do pull-ups and climb stairs to push her limits. She stayed hydrated by sipping water from a bottle and sported a charming look with her dark hair styled in two thick braids. To avoid any disturbance, she strolled on a running track with her trainer and bodyguard by her side.

 The reality star, 36, worked up a sweat in a plunging black sports bra and skintight leggings which clung to her famous bum

As Kim caught her breath, it was evident that her belly was well-defined and she looked fit from all perspectives.

 Kim jogged up and down concrete steps

It has been reported recently that Kim Kardashian and her spouse, Kanye West, are planning to have a third child through a surrogate. As per TMZ, the couple has reached an agreement with a surrogate via an agency and is looking forward to extending their family.

 Kim worked her back and biceps by doing chin-ups

Supposedly, the agreement includes a set of guidelines that the surrogate must follow to guarantee the baby’s optimal health. On another note, Kim shared a snapshot on Instagram, featuring her siblings eagerly anticipating their surprise for Khloe Kardashian.

 Kim's trainer cast a careful eye over her workout

Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie stood together in a photo where they seemed to share striking similarities.

 The star kept well-hydrated, sipping on a bottle of water

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