“Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Enviable Figure in Tiny Bikini: Cleavage and Abs on Full Display”

It was quite expected for a law student in the making to dress up like Elle Woods on Halloween. Kim Kardashian recently posted more pictures of her amazing costume, where she impersonated Reese Witherspoon’s famous character from Legally Blonde.

Nailed it! Kim Kardashian shared more snaps of her stunning costume after she transformed into Reese Witherspoon's iconic Legally Blonde character

On her Instagram account, the reality TV personality appeared stunning in a small pink bikini, while channeling the style of Elle’s Harvard admission clip. Kim showcased her full cleavage in a glittery bikini top that she paired with a barely-there matching bottom.

Like it's hard? Taking to Instagram on Friday, the 39-year-old reality star looked phenomenal in a tiny pink ʙικιɴι as she channeled the look from Elle's Harvard admission video

The lady, who is a mother of four, ditched her usual brown hair and opted for a blonde wig styled in a sleek high ponytail. She shared pictures on social media where she channeled the character of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and captioned them with a witty remark about Harvard Law being a piece of cake.

Chest a glimpse! Kim put her ample cleavage on display in a tiny sequinned ʙικιɴι top that she teamed with scanty matching briefs

Kim, who is preparing for the California bar exam, absolutely nailed her costume as the intelligent yet seemingly naive Elle Woods from the hit movie Legally Blonde.

Blonde bombshell! Gone were the mother-of-four's glossy brunette locks in favour of a bleach blonde wig that she styled in a high ponytail

Reese Witherspoon has portrayed this character in two movies, and a third one is currently in the works.

Spot the difference! Kim looked spookily like Reese's Elle character (right) much like Woods, Kim has had her intelligence underestimated

The blonde wig and low cut pink dress of the reality TV personality from Keeping Up With The Kardashians made her look stunning. Additionally, she also wore a green bikini similar to the one Elle donned in the movie.

Elle of a look: Kim nailed her costume as the seemingly airheaded but actually very smart Elle Woods from the film Legally Blonde

Kim made a bold move to completely transform her appearance with striking blonde hair.

Real life: Kim even had a small beige dog in her purse

The woman with dark hair not only wore a lengthy blonde wig but also put on pink glasses and lipstick that matched her low-cut slip dress.

Reel life: Here Reese Witherspoon is seen with her pooch in the 2001 film

The reality television personality from Keeping Up With The Kardashians also showed off her French manicured nails.

So fun: here the siren wore a green sequined ʙικιɴι as she flashed double peace signs

As she went about her day, she had in her possession a lovely pink feather pen, which she used to jot down notes and ideas. To complement her writing companion, she also adorned herself with dainty silver jewelry from the well-known brand Tiffany & Co., including a heart-shaped necklace and matching bracelets.

She loves to dress up: The siren showed off her chest and very toned tummy in this look

Kim didn’t limit herself to one outfit, instead she opted for another look to satisfy her massive following of 150 million on Instagram. For the next shot, the Selfish writer is seen sporting a dazzling dark green sequined bikini that is accentuated with a light green border.

Splish splash: And just like in the movie, she is seen on a H๏τ pink raft floating in a pool

Here, the celebrity sports an updo and adds some playful expressions, including pouting and flashing double peace signs, a classic Elle gesture. She also keeps her silver jewelry on and maintains the same nail style.

Kim really outdid herself this year: Here the wife of Kanye West looked up as a friend was next to her in blue

While on a fun pink raft in a swimming pool, Kim captured some great photos with her friend wearing a blue bikini. Even though she will be turning 40 next year, Kim looked absolutely stunning and could easily give Reese Witherspoon’s character in the 2001 movie a run for her money when she was in her early 20s.

Such inspiration: Here Elle is seen in the same green swimsuit and silver jewelry

Back in 2001, Robert Luketic directed the debut Legally Blonde movie. The cast included Reese Witherspoon, Matthew Davis, Luke Wilson, and Selma Blair. The story revolved around Elle, a stylish sorority leader who gets dumped by her beau. She resolves to attend law school alongside him, but discovers her true worth beyond just her appearance while studying there.

She went ALL out: Kim also made a video to go with the fun. It was a clip for her admissions essay, which Elle did in the first movie

In 2003, a new Legally Blonde film titled Red, White Blonde was released. It featured Reese Witherspoon alongside other talented actors such as Sally Field, Regina King, and Bob Newhart. This time, the story took place in Washington, DC, where our intelligent and attractive protagonist found herself.

A good time in the tub: In the movie, the video essay was submitted to Harvard

It’s worth mentioning that there’s another movie in the works featuring Reese, and it’s being produced by MGM. Meanwhile, Kim created a playful video to accompany her college application essay, which was originally featured in the first installment of the film series by Elle.

Gold standard: Next she was in a board room while in a shimmering gold dress with her dog

The stunning woman with beautiful curves was spotted wearing a bright pink dress while greeting someone.

All women in the room: The star used Elle's voice as she talked to her team about toilet paper quality

Afterwards, she found herself in a conference room wearing a stunning gold dress, discussing the quality of toilet paper with her team. Later, she switched to a pink bikini and enjoyed a dip in the pool, impressing others with her recollection of soap opera trivia as evidence of her remarkable memory.

An important topic for her: She told her pals that the Charmin would be replaced by generic toilet paper

Later on, she dons a pink slip dress and confidently asserts that she can employ legal terminology as she exclaims “I object!” in response to a man whistling at her.

Staying afloat: Then she was in a pink ʙικιɴι in the pool where she dropped soap opera facts as proof that she has a great memory

Back in April, Kim announced that she had enrolled to study law and registered with the California State Bar. While some people have been encouraging Kardashian for the extensive amount of work she needs to put in to pass the Barr exam, others have expressed their doubts. In a recent interview with Vogue Arabia in August, the celebrity admitted that there are many who do not take her studies seriously.

Sweet! Kim proved she has acting skills as she turned and gave a charming smile just as Reese did in the movie

Starting off, she clarified a false impression that surrounds her hard work towards achieving a law degree. Some people seem to believe that she has not put in any effort and has simply paid her way to success. However, this could not be further from the truth. Kim has been putting in consistent effort and dedication to her studies. Additionally, she thrives on surpassing expectations and proving doubters wrong. She has been studying law for a year thus far and still has three years ahead of her.

She even had male co-stars! Next she is in the pink slip dress where she says she can use legal jargon

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