Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Enviable Physique in SKIMS’ Seductive Swimwear Collection

Kim Kardashian is the perfect ambassador for her latest collection, SKIMS Swim. The entrepreneur took to Instagram to showcase her thoughts on three products from the line. She started with a stunning cotton candy pink bandeau-style bikini top, exclaiming how adorable it was. Moving on to the next product, she showcased a light blue triangle top with sequins that she found equally cute. With her impeccable taste in fashion, it’s no wonder that Kim Kardashian is an excellent choice to represent the SKIMS Swim line.

Pink bikini: Kim Kardashian is an absolutely perfect model for her SKIMS Swim line

Cute: 'Alright I'm going to try on some of our SKIMS Swim,' the 42-year-old mom of four said. 'I really love this pink bandeau, it is so cute. I love the little bandeau,' she added

On her third IG Story, she opted to wear a blue triangle top paired with sheer light blue pants. She mentioned that she adores wearing coverups, and these pants are perfect for covering up while going to the beach or having lunch by the seashore. The KUWTK star seems to have a great sense of fashion and style.

Slim and trim: The mom of four looked slim and trim in the IG stories

“I absolutely adore things that can be concealed,” she remarked while discussing her fashion preferences. Additionally, her SKKN beauty line provided her with a stunning glowy appearance, which she referred to as the “dewy glam” look. She is undeniably a modern-day renaissance woman, seamlessly transitioning from advertising her swimwear and beauty collections to advocating for the release of wrongly incarcerated individuals. Alongside her younger sister Khloe, 38, Kim traveled to Lancaster’s California State Prison in Los Angeles County, which is roughly an hour’s drive north of Beverly Hills, on Monday.

Cover up: In the third IG Story, she still wore the blue triangle top but also added a pair of sheer light blue pants to her ensemble

As a member of the REFORM Alliance’s Future Shapers Advisory Council, Kim and her team recently made a visit to a correctional facility. During the visit, she expressed her desire to leverage her fame to make a positive impact on the lives of inmates. After the visit, she shared that it’s always a privilege for her to meet with people who are serving time in prison.

Sequins: In the next clip, she's wearing a light blue triangle top with sequins along the edges of the cups. 'This really cute top I love,' she said. 'I love the triangle top with the sequins, so cute'

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