“My uncanny resemblance to Scarlett Johansson left me in tears at a movie premiere where I went unnoticed”

A 25-year-old TikToker named Yekaterina Shumskaya, also known as Kate, has amassed a fortune through her striking resemblance to Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson. Kate’s videos have garnered 10.2 million followers, and she has given up her job as a sales manager to pursue a career as a lookalike in Moscow. Despite her success, Kate has faced challenges in her career, as lookalike work is scarce in Russia. She dreams of meeting Scarlett Johansson in person and hopes to move her career forward. However, Kate also desires to live her own life and has even cried at one of Scarlett’s premieres when no one noticed her for who she truly is.

Kate, a Russian woman, has been compared to Scarlett Johansson for years, but has never met her doppelganger in person. While she wants to take her lookalike career further, Kate also wants to establish herself as an individual. She became aware of her resemblance to Johansson when classmates showed her a photo of the actress as a child. Kate briefly pursued modeling at 17 but quickly grew tired of the constant attention. She then worked in sales for a construction company and managed to purchase her own car and apartment by age 22, despite earning a modest salary. However, she felt unfulfilled and decided to pursue her lookalike career in 2020.


Scarlett Johansson

Kate defied her parents’ advice and took a risk by quitting her stable job to pursue modeling once again. Her parents were apprehensive, believing that she would not earn enough money modeling for ads. However, Kate was determined and took the plunge. She had already gained popularity on TikTok before quitting her job. Kate had filmed a video comparing herself to her Hollywood lookalike as part of a trending hashtag. Her video went viral, and before long, she was receiving lucrative advertising contracts and moved to Moscow. Though she supports herself and her parents, she does not disclose her monthly income. The downside of her online fame is that any criticism directed at Scarlett Johansson is also aimed at Kate since she is her doppelganger.

Scarlett Johansson as black widow

Kate, a Russian cosplayer, drew inspiration from Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson for her looks. However, when she attempted to cosplay as Scarlett’s character from a movie, she received unpleasant comments and even death threats from people who attacked her because of her resemblance to the actress. Despite this, Kate wants to pursue a career as a cosplayer, but acknowledges that she needs to leave Russia for better opportunities. When she dressed up as Scarlett at the Moscow premiere of Black Widow, she received strange looks from people, which left her embarrassed and in tears. Ironically, a girl in the restroom later approached her and asked if she resembled Scarlett, to which Kate just screamed in response. If you have a celebrity lookalike, you can send your photos to [email protected].

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