“Reviving Memories Through Fashion: Katy Perry’s Top Met Gala Outfits and Style Retrospective”

Katy Perry is known for her music videos, iconic Met Gala appearances, and Vogue covers. Her unique sense of style has made her the perfect candidate for a new video series called “Life in Looks,” where she revisits some of her best outfits from her 15-year career. Time and time again, Perry has proven herself as a master of creating memorable fashion moments, whether it be on stage or on the red carpet. Who could forget her performance of “California Gurls” at the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime show, where she wore a stunning dress inspired by a beach ball, designed by none other than Jeremy Scott?

Perry, who is currently entertaining audiences as part of her residency series, PLAY, in Resorts World Las Vegas, takes a nostalgic look back at some of her most memorable music video outfits. She starts off with her top pick, her 2010 hit “California Gurls.” Johnny Wujek styled the pop star, who sported a cupcake bra and flashy denim shorts. Perry reveals that the shorts were actually bedazzled Diesel jeans that were cut for the occasion. Perry also recalls a humorous incident from that day on set. “If you get a spray tan on the same day as a music video shoot, your skin color will gradually change throughout the day, so I kept getting darker and darker, to the point where we had to spend extra money on color grading the final product,” Perry chuckles.

Perry has a deep admiration for her Vogue cover shoots. The first time she appeared on the cover in July 2013, she was photographed by Annie Leibovitz and felt like a combination of Snow White and Elizabeth Taylor due to the classic and glamorous nature of the shoot. Her 2017 Vogue cover was shot by Mert and Marcus and was more over-the-top, featuring Commes des Garçons pieces that allowed her to wear art pieces. This cover came at a pivotal moment in her career as she was transitioning her style.

Perry’s “Life in Looks” video wouldn’t be complete without revisiting her memorable Met Gala outfits. In 2016, she donned a Prada gown that incorporated a Tamagotchi to fit the “Manus x Machina” technology theme. The following year, she embraced the avant-garde with a red Maison Margiela look and veil for the Commes des Garçons theme, feeling like she finally belonged in fashion. For the 2018 “Heavenly Bodies” theme, Perry opted for an ethereal Versace look with enormous angel wings, recalling how heavy they were and her grand entrance in a vintage Rolls Royce.

Katy Perry revealed her favorite outfit from the Met Gala was when she attended the 2019 camp theme wearing a Moschino cheeseburger costume, including her sparkling cheeseburger shoes from her personal Katy Perry Collection. She described the look as “fashion satire” and promised to continue with her playful and satirical style in upcoming events. Perry hinted that she has several looks lined up for the future and teased her fans with a wink.

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