Taking a Fashion Risk: Katy Perry Rocks a Bold Red Dress for New York Performance Night

During her performance in New York, Katy Perry dazzled her audience with a dress covered in red sequins and dice, reminiscent of Las Vegas. The young pop star, aged 24, paid tribute to her hit song “Waking Up In Vegas” with her eccentric outfit. Despite her stunning dress, Katy struggled to fit her guitar strap over the furry dice, making it an impractical choice for her set. Along with her hit songs, the singer also performed “H๏t N’ Cold” and “Thinking Of You.”

In preparation for her performance on the Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza, Katy Perry donned a red sequinned dress adorned with furry dice, giving off Vegas vibes. However, before launching into her hit song “H๏t ‘N’ Cold,” Katy expressed her frustration by yanking off the largest black dice from her shoulder and tossing it onto the stage. Despite her early morning call time, Katy was ready to rock with a live concert that thrilled fans. Taking to Twitter beforehand, the pop star humorously shared her disdain for early mornings, joking that she was at her cutest and most charming, and her vocals were at their best – but then again, maybe not.

The woman dressed in a red outfit had black, white, and red dice wrapped around her short dress like a sash. She clarified to the host, Matt Lauer, that she wanted to represent a lucky dice for the day. Additionally, her song “Waking Up In Vegas” inspired her outfit choice. She proclaimed that she enjoys dressing according to a theme, and for her, every day is like Halloween. Furthermore, Katy’s Las Vegas theme extended beyond her dress as her band members wore suits with dollar bills printed all over them. Despite struggling to perform early in the morning, Katy energetically bounced around the stage.

Katy Perry wows audience with her musical talent as she performs Thinking of You, showcasing her guitar-playing abilities. She proves that she’s more than just a glamorous presence.

During a performance on Today show, host Matt Lauer playfully put bunny ears on Katy Perry’s head. However, the singer ran into a bit of trouble as she struggled to put on her guitar due to the furry embellishments on her dress. Feeling embarrassed, she joked about her outfit and offered it to Lauer as a gift. In an interview, Katy announced that she would be going back to the studio in October to work on her next album. She promised that her new material would be honest and have a more upbeat tempo. Additionally, Katy shared that if she had not become a musician, she would have pursued a career as a stylist as she enjoys creating things that make people happy.

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