The Stunning Katy Perry Rocks a Pink Bikini and Soaks up the Sun in Sydney Harbour

Katy Perry is currently in Australia for her Prismatic World Tour and has been taking advantage of some much-needed downtime. After performing two consecutive nights at Sydney’s Allphones Arena, the pop star joined her concert crew on a luxurious yacht in the city’s harbor. Perry was spotted basking in the sun, sporting a stunning pale pink string bikini that emphasized her enviable figure and toned abs.

Katy Perry had a laid-back time with her Prismatic World Tour dancers while cruising on a luxurious boat in Sydney, Australia. She was seen savoring a drink while chilling on the deck of the vessel.

She decided to go for a minimalistic make-up look as she enjoyed the warmth of the sun and embraced her natural beauty.

As she gazed out to the sea, the artist behind the popular song “Roar” indulged in a mid-afternoon snack.

Katy had a blast during her recent adventure, which included fulfilling a long-time goal of scaling Sydney’s famous Harbour Bridge. Dressed in appropriate climbing attire, she and her group prepared to conquer the bridge at dusk. Katy excitedly announced on Twitter that she had succeeded in her endeavor, exclaiming, “I DID IT! After all this time talking about it, I finally climbed your bridge tonight, Sydney!”

The artist has been down under for a fortnight now, and there are still a few gigs left on the itinerary.

The dark-haired beauty appeared hesitant to immerse anything but her lower limbs in the water.

Ever since Katy arrived in Australia, she has been enamored with the easygoing and relaxed way of life that the country offers.

The well-known vocalist has been putting in a lot of physical effort during her performances almost every night.

Katy Perry plans to stay in Australia until Christmas, as she has announced during her recent concert, where she was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of 60,000 ‘Katy cats’. She even referred to herself as an “honorary Aussie”. Her tour began on November 7th in Perth and will end on December 15th in Brisbane. Katy has fully embraced the Australian lifestyle and has even developed a fondness for the popular Australian comedy show, Kath Kim.

Katy’s female pal snapped a bunch of snaps capturing her hilarious poses.

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