Unraveling the Mystery: Why Katy Perry is Lovingly Dubbed the ‘Fruit Sister’ by Fans in China – A Nickname that Leaves Many Puzzled.

Chinese internet users were in awe of a captivating artist who performed at the recent Super Bowl event. Dubbed as ‘Fruit Sister,’ many were confused by the nickname. It was later revealed that the artist in question was actually the popular pop star Katy Perry, who is often called ‘Fruit Sister’ in China because of her frequent use of fruit-themed outfits. Katy is known for wearing strawberry bras, watermelon skirts, and even a dress made from the Chiquita Banana lady’s hat. In her music video for ‘California Gurls,’ she can be seen with strategically placed cherries. Check out the video below to see her performance.

It's me! Fruit Sister! Katy Perry performing here at the Super Bowl on Sunday is referred to as a bizarre nickname by her fans in China 

Greetings! I’m the Fruit Sister here, and it seems that Katy Perry’s upcoming Super Bowl performance has stirred up some interesting discussions among her Chinese fans. They’ve come up with a rather unique nickname for her. But Katy isn’t the only one with a special Chinese title. Jennifer Lopez has also been dubbed the “Lord of Butt” due to her famous curves, which sounds similar to her surname, Luo pei zi. And as for Mariah Carey, well, she’s been nicknamed the “Cow Sister” in Chinese, with a story behind it that is quite intricate and fascinating.

Fruity: Katy Perry was the talk of Chinese internet after her Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday, but by her nickname Fruit Sister

Katy Perry, who is affectionately called Fruit Sister in China, created a buzz on Chinese social media after her Super Bowl halftime show. Her alias Cherry ChapStick is fitting, given her enhanced chest size and incredible singing talent, often described as the “cow’s vagina”- a quirky term of endearment akin to “bee’s knees” in British English. Likewise, Ariana Grande is lovingly dubbed Little Cow or “xiao niu” for her vocal resemblance to Mariah Carey, while Nicki Minaj is playfully known as “Ma la ji” or Numbing-Spicy Chicken for her unique persona and appearance, according to a Chinese Q&A platform.

Butt Lord and Little Cow: J-lo and Ariana Grande have different assets to thank for their nicknames

Butt Lord and Little Cow: J-lo and Ariana Grande have different assets to thank for their nicknames

J-lo and Ariana Grande are known by their unique nicknames that reflect their physical features – Butt Lord and Little Cow. In contrast, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj may have exchanged harsher words than Cow and Chicken. If there were any disputes between them, big cousin Jennifer Lawrence would likely be able to mediate. In China, Jennifer Lawrence is affectionately called ‘biao jie’ or Cousin due to a joke in 2011 that linked her to an Oscar prediction.

The male celebrities also have interesting Chinese nicknames. Adam Levine is known as ‘sao dang’ or Flirty Adam, while Leonardo DiCaprio was hilariously dubbed Leonardo Pikachu after a mix-up with a Pokemon on Taiwanese TV in 2011. Benedict Cumberbatch is lovingly referred to as ‘juan fu,’ meaning Curly Blessing, due to his iconic Sherlock hairstyle. Justin Timberlake simply goes by The Boss in China, a fitting title for the talented artist.

Mop: Benedict Cumberbatch is known as Curly Blessing because of his Sherlock hairdo

Paraphrased: Benedict Cumberbatch is known as “Curly Blessing” because of his signature Sherlock hairstyle. Similarly, in China, Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake, and Leonardo DiCaprio go by the nicknames “The Boss,” “Pikachu,” and “Flirty.” While it may sound like the name of a band, it’s simply a playful way of referencing these popular celebrities in Chinese society.

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