“The Alluring Mystery Behind Scarlett Johansson’s Seductive Voice”

Did you know that Sterling Holloway provided the voice for both Kaa the snake in Disney’s 1967 version of The Jungle Book and the beloved Winnie-the-Pooh, who always had a hankering for honey? It’s true!

Scarlett Johansson Voice The Jungle Book

The actress behind the voice of Kaa in the new live-action Jungle Book movie also lent her voice to the sultry operating system, which Joaquin Phoenix’s character falls in love with, in Her. Scarlett Johansson has replaced Sterling Holloway, who previously voiced Kaa in the animated version. This time around, Kaa is portrayed as a seductress who lures Mowgli with promises of knowledge and safety. Kaa’s character is loosely based on the biblical serpent, and Johansson’s voice adds a sense of danger and sensuality to the character. Johansson’s voice has been compared to Lauren Bacall’s husky tone and is described as a “theater of the mind experience.”

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During an interview, Johansson attempted to downplay the appeal of her voice, portraying it as more of a quirk than a strength. She claimed that she didn’t view her voice as a disadvantage while auditioning for film roles, and casting directors would often praise her voice. Despite her attempts at humility, the obsession with her voice persisted. A few years later, writer Chris Jones wrote a profile for Esquire magazine in which he raved about “that voice.” He described it as a captivating combination of huskiness, depth, and breathiness, with a hint of New York without sounding like the typical Queens accent.

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The power of Scarlett Johansson’s voice is undeniable, as it has captivated audiences in film and beyond. Film critic Anthony Lane even likened her sultry tone to classic Hollywood icons like Lauren Bacall and Veronica Lake, as well as the cartoon seductress Jessica Rabbit. In the film “Her,” Johansson’s voice alone as the operating system Samantha was enough to win over both the protagonist and viewers alike. Director Spike Jonze specifically chose Johansson for her beautiful timbre, intelligence, wit, and ability to both tease and show affection. Her voice truly is a force to be reckoned with.

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Johansson’s portrayal in the film is impressive, as she creates a character that is simultaneously more knowledgeable than Theodore and lacking in understanding of the world she cannot fully experience. However, her role appears to be an expected result of the objectification of her voice by individuals like Jones. Theodore views her as a VILF (Voice I’d Like to F***). Nonetheless, her voice’s sex appeal isn’t the only aspect that makes it powerful. In “Her” and other films, there is something godlike about it. In “Lucy,” directed by Luc Besson, she concludes the film with a voiceover that gives Morgan Freeman, Hollywood’s go-to deity, a run for his money. Additionally, Kaa possesses that quality. The snake entraps Mowgli by saying, “I know what you are.” She then shows him a segment from his past through her eyes, while circling around him, getting prepared for her meal. (Let’s not forget that she also played an alien who tempts men to their deaths in 2013’s “Under The Skin.”)

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Audible did not intend to cast a “Sexy” voice for the audiobook of Wonderland, despite having Scarlett Johansson as the reader. Nevertheless, Johansson’s voice has a pleasant and low register that appeals to the ears, according to Charzuk. It is not meant to be considered seductive but rather fitting for the book’s tone. Johansson’s voice has a captivating quality that draws listeners in, making her an excellent choice for the role of Kaa, who entwines listeners and holds them captive.

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